Monday, February 1, 2010

Layer Duo Splits Musical Atom!

Yay! Here is a picture of my dad (aged 85) and me this last Saturday in Battle Ground, Indiana: playing for the annual Burns' Night soireé. The local bagpipe band: The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment Incorporated of Lafayette Indiana, hosted the event. The dancers had fun and so did we.
Some of the tunes dad and I played were: Angus Campbell, Smith's a Gallant Fireman, The Drunken Piper (I never was...) Mary's Wedding.
Next stop: Holland, Michigan, Thursday for a duo gig with Martha Waldvogel, and then on to Battle Creek Saturday night where Martha and I will play with the Battle Creek Symphony, in Kellogg Hall, of course! (Insert bad breakfast cereal puns here if you wish...)
P.S. Her is a preview of a little web site Anee Harrigan made for me: JUMP

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Cezinha Galhardo said...

Hi Chris Layer! Very nice finding you 10 years late! I saw a presentation from "The Trinity Irish Dance Company" at Warner Theater, Washington DC, in 2000. I was there on a business travel (World Congress of Gyneacology and Obstetrics). I ain't a doctor, but I was dealing with medical happenings at that time (marketing, design & advertising). I loved the show and got some notes from you, as you can see at this adress: (I scanned the paper show). Where can I find some audio or video material from you, like CDs os DVDs? Here in Brazil we dont hear that kindda sound. The Show was fantastic, Congraqtulations to you, the band, and the dancers, of course! Do you have plans to play here? Bye! :) Cezinha Galhardo