Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fugit fugits...

Here is the last of the Moab entries...It was a wonderful season this year at the Moab Music festival:

-Paquito DeRiviera killed with his composition "Conversations With Cachao". Bassist Robert Black was featured in this tribute to the groundbreaking Cuban musician named in the title.

-The string quartet "Ethel" played a concert that was not so well-received. Not surprising; the pieces they selected for the concert were "out of touch" with the audience. That was too bad. However, I enjoyed their suite of pieces from Phillip Glass' score for the film, "The Hours" as well as a tasty little one-off from cellist, Mark Summer. It was a lovely evening with my friends Margaret Mercer, and Jamie Bernstein watching the sun setting over the Colorado River Canyon at Castle Valley. Colin Fryer, the vigneron and rancher hosted the evening outdoors at Red Cliffs Lodge/Castle Creek Winery.

-Paul Woodiel, Mazz Swift, Jeron "Blind Boy" Paxton and I played two concerts together during the festival. Both were sold-out and very well-recieved. My especial thanks to hostess, Jennifer Spears. the concert at her ranch was topped off by a spectacular fireworks display to the delight of all in attendance. Thanks Jennifer!

-Lastly Paul Woodiel and I hosted a "Musical Walk" with trad tunes along the trail in Hunter canyon. The photo is from that concert, snapped by photog, Neil...oops, sorry Neil..no last name at the moment.
P.S. Next entry is from Bergen Norway on this Friday!

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