Monday, July 11, 2011

Swell-egant Caramoor, a swingin estate!

Yes it was just too swell to play music up at the old Caramoor Estate this last July 1st. We did a splendid program of music from the library of Thomas Jefferson: some classical, some trad folk...My favotire combination!

But the real treat was posing in our bedroom dressing rooms in "the big house" with these two beauties! (Mazz Swift on the left and Kerry O'Malley on the right) Each is a talented singer and Mazz also plays the violin like a little birdie as well! Anyway, there will be a few more updates this week covering my last month of travels.

Much love,
Christopher Layer

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LisaLynn said...

Hi Christopher. I am a theatrical producer in NYC looking for a whistle player for a fantastic new Irish musical going up in NYC the second week of November. Could you please email me at
This is the only way I could find online to contact you, so I hope you receive it.



Lisa Dozier