Friday, October 24, 2008

The Old Flail

On the news that one of my flute heroes had made the grade and ascended to the land of light last August, I began to assemble a bouquet of tunes of his to send out into the ether for his pleasure. The upcoming tour will feature some threads in the tapestry that was his life. His lines often cover new ground, and the doors he opened with those lines are at once old and new. Vincent Broderick spent much of his life writing and organizing tunes for the enjoyment of others.


Diana said...

Hey, Chris,

Good to hear from you. If you're ever up to get together, hit me back at


ps: check out my drawings from Fire Island this past summer at

Jason said...

hey chris, glad to hear you are doing well...I am still playing in a rock band, bass now and a little guitar...writing some as well...a new project is on the horizon that will see me back on drums in for the first time in many many years...I recently sat with Mary Emerick for a spell, in fact she caught our show at Horns Bar while she was in town. I'll keep checking in...I still get to New York quite often, so I may surprise you by attending one of your shows soon.