Saturday, October 18, 2008

Piping planetwide, waves of music cause international incident.

NEW YORK - Recent reports indicate that audible waves of piping have been interfering with corporate plans to "cause a worldwide bummer". First detected by the Very Large Array Radio Laboratory in the U.S. Southwest as a carrier wave distributed by community radio stations such as KZMU Community Radio in Moab, Utah and WWOZ Community Radio in New Orleans, Lousiana, the highly mobile source of this odd but uplifting event seems to be Uilleann Piper and Flutist, Christopher Layer. World leaders, refusing to be swayed from their personal missions to behave abominably towards their own species, other lifeforms inhabiting the Geosphere, and their wives, are in a confused and vulnerable state. One such leader when queried on the issue said: "Umm, well, I guess I'll just have the BLT Double Broiler without lettuce instead." An obvious reference to the "massive-shortage-in-fast-food-crisis" that is looming on the horizon, and currently threatening to cause widespread unemployment in the foodservice and healthcare industries. Welcome to my blog, kids! Please leave a message after the tone. And remember folks: The moving sidewalk is coming to an end, so your step.

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