Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow Falling on Cherry Blossom...Ick.

Yes, it seems impossible but after this unbelievable visit to Kamakura, Enoshima, and Zushi for a day off Tuesday...It snowed here in Tokyo last night. An excellent few days tho: I took Kieran Coleman, who is on his first trip dancing here, to visit Mr. Nakagawa, my old bassoon teacher and his wife. We all had a great day of traveling around the sea side and seeing the ancient capitol-Kamakura with all of it's charms. It was nice to get out of tokyo for the day and the sun was welcome after a few drippy days. We all had super fab pork cutlets(Hooiser soul food) and hot sake at the end of the day in a little joint known for such things. The warm sake was jus the thing to finish a windy day by the sea! Yesterday, my painter friend: Naomichi Okutsu came to visit me in the city and brought some of his new works which were lovely and gave me a sketch lesson...Yay! We headed over to Shinjuku for dinner and had some really spicy curry which was again, just the thing since it began to SNOW as we exited the elevated metro train...sigh. Sunny today and the last of my three days off...
Bye for now,

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hclossx4 said...

I Chris it is Hilda n Kent(cousin) great to see how well you are doing. When will you be in the area DC, MD? Take care hope to hear from you some day =)