Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nagasaki Calling

Each time I return to Nagasaki, I recall my history classes and the presence of Europeans here in the 17th Century. The Dutch established trade relations in this city when all other japanese ports were closed to the West. Our performance here was memorable, and the cast visited the Atomic Bomb Peace Memorial here. I refrained from that emotional visit, but recommend it to anyone passing this way.

The photo in this entry was one I snapped of several ancient Shinto and Buddhist "shari" shrines on the island of Inoshima during my visit there in March. Inoshima was the site of Kulai Khan's first failed invasion attempt in the year 1274 when the "Kami-kaze" literally "god-wind" destroyed his fleet at the foot of the island temple and city behind.
Tomorrow: Kumamoto....and Oysters!!!!!!!

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