Thursday, July 8, 2010

Opening Night

Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater, Nagoya, Japan-Just looking out at the lush green grounds of Nagoya Castle across the street from our hotel. The soft summer rain has turned the arboretum and surrounding gardens into a sort of weepy blob of verdant sponges, drifting peacefully to and fro in the sweet lulling breezes of July in Japan. It's a weird sight since the whole place is really a dynastic fortress, complete with the slanting stone battlements and buttressed bastions of an old European stronghold: The age of gunpowder was well under way when the Samurai rulers and warlords built this stop on the king's highway between Kyoto and Edo. (Tokyo)
So opening day's schedule: Rehearsal with Brendan O'Shea, and Barret Harvey at 10:30am this morning then lunch and off to the theater for opening Night! Full company onstage, new pieces, new lights, new sound, new, new, new. Nearly all of the 2,500 seats are sold for the show and the dancers, who are some of the youngest and strongest we have ever carried with the Company, are pounding the boards frantically. Every step and jump aimed at giving their best tonight. It's no small achievement if the performance goes as planned: Mark and Natalie Howard are really pushing the group of dancers to their limits getting them in shape for the show. It is a monumental task, given the prep time leading up to the tour, but both are well up to the task, and enthusiastic if not fanatic in their belief in Trinity.

After rehearsal last night Brendan asked me what I thought makes a great musician in terms of craft. I answered from my heart, thinking back on how I had behaved during the day's being short with him, or just ignoring the suggestions of others. Smiling inwardly, I answered "patience".
Much love to all, and many thoughts to those in the Gulf of Mexico

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